WATCH THAT. Elliot Loves.

Elliott Loves

A Film by Terracino

This is the universal story of Dominican-American New Yorker Elliot, who’s looking for love in all the wrong clubs and bars. Writer director Terracino writes dialogue with such honest vulnerability which takes the viewer on a 90 minute emotional rollercoaster. One moment you’re laughing your ass off, crying your eyes out, then in the end you just can’t stop smiling.

I enjoyed the duel perspectives of seeing life as 10-year-old Elliot and Elliot at 21. You gain a bigger perspective on the events that lead to Elliot becoming the person he is now, and why he makes a lot of his current choices. Elliot Loves is a fun film for movie night and has easily made my Top 10 list. Check out the trailer below.


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