FILM. Watch Two Brothers Reconnect In Touching Doc ‘My Brother The Queen’.

“I just saw ‘My Brother the Queen’ and I LOVED EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT! I feel like I’ve known you for awhile now and in 5 minutes I have learned more about you than I ever knew. I didn’t realize how similar our stories were. And I wanted to say Thank You to you and your brother for sharing.” Was the post I left on my friend Antoine Thornton’s Facebook page.

Antoine, who is a regular San Francisco drag performer, performs under the name Pearl Teese. And it’s usually the dynamic Pearl Teese that is the star of the show. However, the reconnecting of two siblings, brothers Antoine and the film’s director filmmaker Joseph Thornton, is what takes center stage. The documentary short ‘My Brother the Queen’ tells the all too common tale of a family ripped apart after a family members coming out.

When my dad found out…he had my middle brother call me. He told him to tell me to take my MySpace down and to change my name. ~Antoine Thornton

In our increasing individualist culture were always being told that we have the luxury of creating our own families. Yet, this short doc inspires reaching out and reconnecting with those we may have a second chance of having a relationship with.

It’s a dysfunctional family, but when they try its beautiful. ~Antoine Thornton



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