MUSIC. Donald Glover Sings From Boy-To-Boy Cover of Tamia’s ‘So Into You’.

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino stopped by the Triple J Show to perform for their Like A Version segment, and the results are heartwarmingly amazing.

Singing a from-boy-to-boy rendition of Tamia’s 1998 hit ‘So Into You,’ Glover’s version of the song is quite amazing; from the vocals to the arrangement. But it’s his remaining true to the original version of the song tamia22being about being so into a boy, which makes it stand out all the more.

Not since Janet Jackson’s 1997 cover of Rod Stewart’s ‘Tonight’s The Night’ have I heard a singer issue a cover (not that there hasn’t been, I just haven’t heard any) of a song originally done by an artist of the opposite sex and not change genders to heterosexualize the song.

Actually, TLC tried it with their 1994 Prince cover of ‘If I Was Your Girlfriend,’ which at the end of the day lost of the meaning Prince was trying to convey in his version of the song.

Regardless, I’m digging it. Enjoy!


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