FILM. Cosmopolitan Follows One Mom As She Confronts Raising A Trans Child In Doc ‘Mom, I’m Not A Girl’.

Mom, I’m Not A Girl,’ a Documentary by Lauren Lumsden gives a brief but outstanding insight into mother of five, Jodie Patterson’s experience of being faced with and coming to terms with her daughter Penelope identifying with being a boy and not the girl body parts she was born with, at an extremely young age.

“I like the fact that the kids sometimes talk about it, and debate it, or don’t see eye to eye. And if Penelope can handle that conversation in the house then he’s ready for handling it in the world.”

We need more parents like this! Parents often say they just want their kids to be happy. However, happy a lot of the time means the parents happiness. Happy as long as the child falls in line with what they want for them. Who they want them to be. What society expects of them.

It’s no secret that LGBT teens and transgendered youth have an extremely high suicide rates. Yet, with more awareness, patience, and supportive parents, we could see this number drastically lowered.

This is an awesome short documentary about gender identity, and one mothers’ journey raising a transgender child, and how she’s leading my example. Enjoy!


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