SPORTS. NBA Hopeful Derrick Gordon’s New SFFD Career Change.

Derrick Gordon made history as the the first openly gay Division I NCAA player for the Seton Hall University Pirates. The recent San Francisco transplant has people talking still, with his recent decision to make a career change from NBA hopeful to a firefighter for the SFFD (San Francisco Fire Department).

Why the career change? The Pirates being eliminated in the first round of the history making NCAA March Madness tournament could be one. Then during the 2016 NBA Draft in June, Gordon’s name not being called could be another. However, undeterred and ever optimistic, Gordon shared his inspiring journey to professional basketball player, attending the Las Vegas Combine in July, in hopes of playing the sport for an overseas team. The Shooting Guard then surprised his fans and supporters a few days later with his plan to retire.

Gordon shared the news on Instagram saying,

“I’ve had an amazing basketball career and want to thank everybody who has always been there supporting me every step on the way…But I’m making a change in my career…I will now be working towards becoming a San Francisco Firefighter!! I’m excited about this and looking forward to having a long career!!”

Still, it’s great for SF to have another good looking brutha with his head on his shoulders. Goodluck Derrick!


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