TV. Tyson Anthony Novel ‘About Him’ Now A Henderson Maddox Series.

Tyson Anthony‘s novel ‘About Him’ received the series treatment thanks to Atlanta filmmaker Henderson Maddox.

About him2“The hardest transition a man can make is telling himself the truth about his sexuality. There is a period when you find yourself “jumping the fence” figuring out what exactly pleases you. This period of your life when you are searching for yourself you usually end up finding love first. A love that results in the creation of who you are. Signal 23 Television, Director Henderson Maddox, and Author Tyson Anthony have worked hard to capture this moment on film.

The project tells the story of Damien. A young man that finds himself discombobulated and alone. Damien’s focus is all on him. Every thought. Every action. Its all about him. The role of Damien introduces Brandon Karson, a spectacular new talent that the world has been waiting for. The series also features budding young actors Darone Okolie and Gary Lavard. Okolie plays Marion the older brother with a fiery presence while Lavard has a breakout performance as Marion’s best friend Vincent.

The new scripted series About Him is a “seriously sexy drama”. “ We all know that as young men no matter what your sexual orientation is, everything is usually about sex. The series made sure that it stayed true to the intense passion that is infamous with a Tyson Anthony novel.”

Watch the first episode below. Enjoy!


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