FILM. South African Director John Trengove Receives Completion Funds For ‘The Wound’.

john-trengoveSouth African director John Trengove’s film ‘The Wound,’ about A gay teenage boy’s traditional rite-of-passage into manhood turns dangerous when he disturbs a closeted relationship between two rural men, receives completion funds from the Venice Production Bridge’s Final Cut in Venice workshop are set aside for films from Africa and the Arab world.

“Kwanda – a precocious gay teenager from the city – travels to the rural settlement of his family’s origin to be circumcised in a traditional rites-of-passage into manhood.

For three weeks, Kwanda and his fellow initiates – a group of rural boys – live in isolation, recuperating in mountain huts. He forms an intimate bond with his caregiver – Xolani – a mysterious rural man who helps him endure his first week on the mountain.

Wound2.jpgKwanda’s curiosity is piqued when he begins to suspect that Xolani is involved in a closeted sexual relationship with Vija, a charismatic and volatile alpha male from the village. Kwanda is drawn to Vija and seeks out his approval as a father figure, sparking a jealousy between the two rural men. When it is discovered that Kwanda has witnessed a sexual encounter between them, Vija fears exposure and goes on the hunt for the city boy.

Forced to choose between his compassion for Kwanda and his loyalty to Vija, Xolani helps Kwanda escape. But, as they descend the mountain, Kwanda discovers too late that he has been ambushed when Xolani pushes him off a mountain ledge to his death.”

Final Cut in Venice is organized by the Venice Production Bridge in collaboration with both the Amiens International Film Festival and the Fribourg International Film Festival, where six projects in post production were presented to facilitate their post-production process, promote possible co-production partnerships and access to the distribution market.

Enjoy the trailer below.


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