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TV. Korean-American Drama ‘According To My Mother’ And Trans Series ‘Her Story’ Win At New York Television Fest.

By Brandin LaKee Tolliver

Independently produced pilots from a trio of writers from Queens and a comedy writer from Los Angeles have taken top prizes at the 12th annual New York Television Festival.

according-to-my-motherAccording to My Mother,” created by Daniel K. Isaac, Cathy Y. Yan, and Devin Landin of Queens, won for Best Drama Pilot. The series revolves around a gay Korean-American man in New York whose life changes when his devout Christian mother moves in with him. Isaac also took the fest’s award for Best Actor, drama.


The Emmy Award nominated web series “Her Story” created by Jen Richards and Laura Zak, a modern relationship drama follows Violet and Paige, two transgender women in Los Angeles, who have given up on love when chance encounters suddenly give them hope, also won for Best Short-Form Drama Series. Check out episode one below. Enjoy!



ATTEND THAT. November Film Festivals.  

November FF

OUTrageous: The Santa Barbara LGBTQ Film Festival. (November 6-9). Santa Barbara, California.

San Francisco Transgender Film Festival. (November 7-9). San Francisco, California.

Indianapolis GLBT Film Festival. (November 7-9). Indianapolis, Indiana.

Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. (November 7-10). Long Island, New York.

Stonewall Columbus LGBT Fest. (November 16-22). Columbus, Ohio.

MIX NYC – The New York Queer Experimental Film Festival. (November 11-16). New York, New York.

CNKY Scene LGBT Film Festival. (November 14-16). Cincinnati, Ohio.

FUND THAT. Free CeCe: A Documentary.

Picture 1

Produced by Laverne Cox and Jac Gares, “Free CeCe” is a documentary currently in production, based on transphobic attack survivor CeCe McDonald. When one of her attackers, Dean Schmitz, was fatally stabbed to death, CeCe was quickly arrested and charged with 2nd degree manslaughter. Even though it was clear that she acted in self defense, CeCe was order to serve her 41 months prison sentence in a Men’s correctional facility. “Free CeCe” examines the culture of violence experienced by trans women of color.

“CeCe is just someone I’ve thought about, really everyday that I’ve showed up on set to film Orange is the New Black,” shares Cox.

You can watch the trailer for the project below. Please consider making a tax deductible donation through their fiscal sponsor Independent Film Project at:

ATTEND THAT: Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival.

Milwaukee LGBT

This year’s Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival is another festival offering a nice assortment of films made by and featuring people of color. Screening two films I’ve spotlighted here on this blog, “The Way He Looks,” and “Out In The Night.” Additionally, from Executive Producer Robert Redford is “Drunktown’s Finest.” About three young Native Americans- an adopted Christian girl, a rebellious father-to-be, and a promiscuous transsexual, strive to escape the hardships of life on an Indian reservation.”

“Lilting” chronicles the attempts hazarded by Richard (Ben Whishaw) to connect with Junn (Cheng Pei Pei), the Cambodian-Chinese mother of Kai, his longtime lover. Kai’s unexpected death has sent them both into isolating grief, but separated by culture, generation, and language (Junn knows no English), the two are wary, even resentful of the other. Kai never disclosed his relationship with Richard to his mother, and the possessiveness each feels towards their beloved stymies the other’s understanding.”

“Salvation Army,” Directed by Moroccan author Abdellah Taïa, who here translates his own memoiristic novel to the screen, “Salvation Army” recounts two formative chapters (more like stanzas, really) of Abdellah’s life: his boyhood in a Moroccan village where he sustains his first lessons in sexuality and power; and his arrival in the Western world – on scholarship to Switzerland – where he must meet instruction of a different sort”

The festival also offers a few free screenings as well, and who doesn’t like FREE! Not to mention a Forbidden Love Fashion Show, celebrating butch and femme looks as a tribute to the glamor of the film Forbidden Love. The film Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives,” is also a free screening.

Download the Milwaukee LGBT Festivals 2014 brochure and watch the moving trailer for “Drunktown’s Finest” below.

Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival. (October 16 – 26). Milwaukee, Minnesota.

WATCH THAT. Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word.

Laverne Cox

On October 17th to coincide with LGBT Spirit Day, MTV and LogoTV will simulcast “Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word.” The special, hosted by “Orange is the New Black” star Laverne Cox, is an hour long documentary looking into the lives of seven transgender youth.

Following the documentary Cox and SuChin Pak will continue a dialogue in an hour long forum further discussing transgender issues, and answering audience member’s questions and from those on social media.

MTV & LogoTV. (October 17.  7PM).