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FILM. January LGBT Film Festivals.

Palm Springs International Film Fest. (January 2-16). Palm Springs, California. psfilmfest.org

Pride: Bloomington’s LGBTQ Film Festival. (January 26-28). Bloomington, Indiana. bloomingtonpride.org

Desperado Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. (January 27-29). Phoenix, Arizona. desperadofilmfestival.com


FILM. ‘Spa Night’ Director And Star To Appear At Roxie Screening In SF.

“Thespa-night atmospheric Spa Night is a portrait of forbidden sexual awakening set in the nocturnal world of spas and karaoke bars in Los Angeles’ Koreatown. David Cho (Joe Seo in a breakthrough performance), a timid 18-year-old living with his financially-struggling immigrant parents, chances upon a secret cruising spot when he takes a job at an all-male spa. There he begins to realize hidden desires that threaten his life as a dutiful son and student.”

Director Andrew Ahn and actor Joe Seo are set to be in attendance at the Roxie Theatre for the film. Ahn and Seo are due to appear the first two night of Spa Night’s week long run. Appearing after the 7:00p showings Friday, September 30th, and Saturday, October 1st. Go to the Roxie’s website for tickets and show times. Watch the trailer below. Enjoy!

FILM. 2016 September LGBT Film Festivals.

Polari Film Festival. (September 8 – 9). Austin, Texas. agliff.org

Long Beach Q Film Festival. (September 8 – 11). Long Beach, California. qfilmslongbeach.com

OutFlix Memphis. (September  7 – 11). Memphis, Tennessee. outflixfestival.org

Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival. (September 21 – 25). Fresno, California. reelpride.com

Reeling: The Chicago LGBT International Film Festival. (September 22 – 29). Chicago, Illinois. reelingfilmfestival.org

Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.(September 22 – 25). Palm Springs, California. cinemadiverse.org

North Louisiana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. (September 9 – 15). Shreveport, Louisiana. nlglff.org

Portland Queer Film Festival. (September 16 – 22). Portland, Oregon. pdxqueerfilm.com

TeaDance Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. (September 17 – 18). Greenville, North Carolina. teadancefilmfestival.com

Fargo-Moorhead LGBT Film Festival. (September 16 – 17). Fargo, North Dakota. fmlgbtff.com

CMG. (September 24 – 25). West Hollywood, California. cmgfilmfest.net

Out On Film. (September 29 – October 6). Atlanta, GA. outonfilm.org

Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. (September 30 – October 8). Tampa, Florida. tiglff.com

*Some festivals are still accepting submissions.

FILM. Free Encore Screening Of ‘Check It’ Documentary.

Thursday, August 25, Frameline is hosting a free encore screening of the documentary ‘Check It,’ at the historic Piedmont Theatre in Oakland California.

Desperate to survive in a city where being true to who you are can get you killed, a group of black gay and trans teens form a gang in Washington, D.C., to protect one another. Check It, the first documented gang of its kind, is dedicated to keeping black gay and trans youth safe when no one else will. After starting off with just a few people in 2009, thCheck_Ite group has grown so large that no one can keep an accurate count of its members. In a country where black bodies are seen as criminal from birth, Check It functions as a radical act of resistance.

This intimate portrayal follows Check It members, using what few resources they have, as they navigate the world—including Tray, a gay teen determined to make sure that other young people don’t have to go through the same hardships he did; Alton, a trans woman who has been taking care of herself and her friends since she fled her home at the age of 14; and Skittles, a talented amateur boxer who refuses to sacrifice his femme aesthetic when he steps into the ring. This crew of teens does their best to defend one another from state, police, and interpersonal violence, determined to be seen as the brilliant beings they are.                      — Taylor Hodges

Expected to be in attendance is Co-Director Dana Flor and one of the subjects of the doc Tray Warren. All Frameline Encore Screenings are free and open to the public. Enjoy the trailer below.

Thursday, August 25.

Piedmont Theatre, Oakland California

4186 Piedmont Avenue

FILM. ‘Tangerine’ Is This Summer’s Must See Movie.


Fuck Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ or Warner Bros. ‘Batman v Superman’, Tangerine is my must-see summer movie. The trailer itself is so captivating. Regardless of your opinion on marriage equality or the trans-community, the trailer along will silence your thoughts as the characters jump off the screen, just for you to sit back and enjoy the ride. This is the stuff that movies are made of. Tangerine is destined to be a cult classic. Watch the trailer for Magnolia PicturesTangerine’ below. Enjoy!

FILM. Watch Two Brothers Reconnect In Touching Doc ‘My Brother The Queen’.

“I just saw ‘My Brother the Queen’ and I LOVED EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT! I feel like I’ve known you for awhile now and in 5 minutes I have learned more about you than I ever knew. I didn’t realize how similar our stories were. And I wanted to say Thank You to you and your brother for sharing.” Was the post I left on my friend Antoine Thornton’s Facebook page.

Antoine, who is a regular San Francisco drag performer, performs under the name Pearl Teese. And it’s usually the dynamic Pearl Teese that is the star of the show. However, the reconnecting of two siblings, brothers Antoine and the film’s director filmmaker Joseph Thornton, is what takes center stage. The documentary short ‘My Brother the Queen’ tells the all too common tale of a family ripped apart after a family members coming out.

When my dad found out…he had my middle brother call me. He told him to tell me to take my MySpace down and to change my name. ~Antoine Thornton

In our increasing individualist culture were always being told that we have the luxury of creating our own families. Yet, this short doc inspires reaching out and reconnecting with those we may have a second chance of having a relationship with.

It’s a dysfunctional family, but when they try its beautiful. ~Antoine Thornton


FILM. July LGBT Film Festivals.


Outfest. (July 9 – 19). Los Angeles, California. outfest.org

Q Flix Philadelphia. (July 7 – 12). Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. qflixphilly.com

Black Alphabet Film Festival. (July 23 – 26). Chicago, Illinois. blackalphabet.org

Cinema Q Film Festival. (July 23 – 26). Denver, Colorado. denverfilm.org