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FILM. Free Encore Screening Of ‘Ovarian Psycos’ Documentary.


Thursday, September 8, Frameline, Cine+Mas SF / San Francisco Latino Film Festival, and The Oakland Underground Film Festival are hosting a free encore screening of the documentary ‘Ovarian Psycos,’ at the historic Piedmonth Theatre in Oakland California.

“It is a powerful and strikingly beautiful sight to see twenty-plus young women of color biking through the streets of East LA with black bandanas emblazoned with white Fallopian tubes over their faces. Co-opting crew culture and reworking it with a feminist spin, The Ovarian Psycos Bicycle Brigade organizes rides in protest of violence in the community and against women. Founded by poet M.C. and activist Xela de la X and made up of cisgender and transgender women and gender-nonconforming rebellious spirits, this sisterhood is a refuge for those with past trauma, a support system inimg_7646 times of tragedy, and an outlet to confront pertinent issues that stem from misogyny and racism.

The film gives us an intimate look at the lives of those who ride while showcasing their perseverance. New recruit Evie must balance family responsibilities with her newfound confidence and love of self. Street artist Andi longs for her mother and sister to support  her cause. And Xela struggles with the time needed to maintain the group and her dedication to giving her nine-year-old daughter the life she longed for as a child growing up in a “post-colonized, traditional Mexican home.”

In the midst of sexism, harassment, and misrepresentation, the Ovas are outspoken and unapologetic about healing and reclaiming their communities as they build on the legacy of the Chicanx civil rights movement.”

— Angelique Smith

Expected to be in attendance are Ovas Andi Xoch & La Fingers. Enjoy the trailer below.

Thursday, September 8.

Piedmont Theatre, Oakland California

4186 Piedmont Avenue


FILM. Free Encore Screening Of ‘Check It’ Documentary.

Thursday, August 25, Frameline is hosting a free encore screening of the documentary ‘Check It,’ at the historic Piedmont Theatre in Oakland California.

Desperate to survive in a city where being true to who you are can get you killed, a group of black gay and trans teens form a gang in Washington, D.C., to protect one another. Check It, the first documented gang of its kind, is dedicated to keeping black gay and trans youth safe when no one else will. After starting off with just a few people in 2009, thCheck_Ite group has grown so large that no one can keep an accurate count of its members. In a country where black bodies are seen as criminal from birth, Check It functions as a radical act of resistance.

This intimate portrayal follows Check It members, using what few resources they have, as they navigate the world—including Tray, a gay teen determined to make sure that other young people don’t have to go through the same hardships he did; Alton, a trans woman who has been taking care of herself and her friends since she fled her home at the age of 14; and Skittles, a talented amateur boxer who refuses to sacrifice his femme aesthetic when he steps into the ring. This crew of teens does their best to defend one another from state, police, and interpersonal violence, determined to be seen as the brilliant beings they are.                      — Taylor Hodges

Expected to be in attendance is Co-Director Dana Flor and one of the subjects of the doc Tray Warren. All Frameline Encore Screenings are free and open to the public. Enjoy the trailer below.

Thursday, August 25.

Piedmont Theatre, Oakland California

4186 Piedmont Avenue

FILM: ‘How To Win At Checkers’ Is On Everyone’s Must Watch List.


The Thai language coming-of-age drama ‘How to Win at Checkers (Every Time)’ has been playing all the major festivals this year, including Sundance and Frameline, and has been on my 2015 must-see list.

In Thailand, all males turning 21 years old must participate in the annual military draft lottery. Drawing a black card grants exemption, while drawing red results in two years of military service.

On the morning of his draft lottery, Oat reflects back on his childhood — when as a child, his older brother Ek faced the possibility of being drafted himself. Unable to convince Ek to do whatever he can to change his fate, young Oat takes matters into his own hands, resulting in unexpected circumstances.

Based on the short stories “At the Café Lovely” and “Draft Day” from the U.S. bestselling book Sightseeing by Rattawut Lapcharoensap, How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) is director Josh Kim’s debut feature film.

Enjoy the trailer and check out the list below to see where ‘How To Win At Checkers (Everytime)’ is screening in September.

Polari Film Festival. (September 10 – 13). Austin, Texas. agliff.org

Long Beach Q Film Festival. (September 10 – 13). Long Beach, California. qfilmslongbeach.com

Reeling: The Chicago LGBT International Film Festival. (September 17 – 24). Chicago, Illinois. reelingfilmfestival.org

FILM. June LGBT Film Festivals.  

Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival. (June 4 – June 7). Honolulu, Hawaii. hglcf.org

My True Colors Festival. (June 12 – 26). New York City, New York. mytruecolorsfestival.com

Queer Women of Color Film Festival. (June 12 – 14). San Francisco, California. qwocmap.org

Frameline 39: San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival. (June 18 – June 28). San Francisco, California. ticketing.frameline.org/festival

CineSLAM. (June 19). Brattleboro, Vermont. cineslam.com

Provincetown International Film Festival. (June 17 – 21). Provincetown, Massachusetts. ptownfilmfest.org

OUT THERE NOW: Kansas City LGBT Film Festival. (June 25 – July 2). Kansas City, Missouri. outherenow.com

Fears For Queers. (June 28). Dallas, Texas. doabloodbath.com

FILM. My Fair Wedding.  

With more states legalizing Same-Sex Marriage in the US, and the courts overturning other states Same-Sex Marriage bans, more stories of how gay couples are celebrating their nuptials are emerging.

My Fair Wedding

In the documentary My Fair Wedding, filmmaker Jang Hee-sun chronicles the big day of film director Kim Jho Gwang-Soo and producer Dave Kim as the first same-sex couple to say “I Do” in South Korea.

The films happy couple are set to be in attendance of the My Fair Wedding screening at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. The screening is presented by Gay Asian Pacific AllianceAPI Equality Northern California & Frameline.

Castro Theatre (San Francisco, California).
15 March 2015. 9:40 pm.