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FILM. Free Encore Screening Of ‘Ovarian Psycos’ Documentary.


Thursday, September 8, Frameline, Cine+Mas SF / San Francisco Latino Film Festival, and The Oakland Underground Film Festival are hosting a free encore screening of the documentary ‘Ovarian Psycos,’ at the historic Piedmonth Theatre in Oakland California.

“It is a powerful and strikingly beautiful sight to see twenty-plus young women of color biking through the streets of East LA with black bandanas emblazoned with white Fallopian tubes over their faces. Co-opting crew culture and reworking it with a feminist spin, The Ovarian Psycos Bicycle Brigade organizes rides in protest of violence in the community and against women. Founded by poet M.C. and activist Xela de la X and made up of cisgender and transgender women and gender-nonconforming rebellious spirits, this sisterhood is a refuge for those with past trauma, a support system inimg_7646 times of tragedy, and an outlet to confront pertinent issues that stem from misogyny and racism.

The film gives us an intimate look at the lives of those who ride while showcasing their perseverance. New recruit Evie must balance family responsibilities with her newfound confidence and love of self. Street artist Andi longs for her mother and sister to support  her cause. And Xela struggles with the time needed to maintain the group and her dedication to giving her nine-year-old daughter the life she longed for as a child growing up in a “post-colonized, traditional Mexican home.”

In the midst of sexism, harassment, and misrepresentation, the Ovas are outspoken and unapologetic about healing and reclaiming their communities as they build on the legacy of the Chicanx civil rights movement.”

— Angelique Smith

Expected to be in attendance are Ovas Andi Xoch & La Fingers. Enjoy the trailer below.

Thursday, September 8.

Piedmont Theatre, Oakland California

4186 Piedmont Avenue


FILM. September LGBT Film Festivals.


REVOLVE: Oakland LGBTQIA Pride Creative Arts & Film Fest. (September 6 – 12 ). Oakland, California.

Polari Film Festival. (September 10 – 13). Austin, Texas. agliff.org

Long Beach Q Film Festival. (September 10 – 13). Long Beach, California. qfilmslongbeach.com

OutFlix Memphis. (September  11 – 17). Memphis, Tennessee. outflixfestival.org

Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival. (September 16 – 20). Fresno, California. reelpride.com

Reeling: The Chicago LGBT International Film Festival. (September 17 – 24). Chicago, Illinois. reelingfilmfestival.org

Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. (September 17 – 20). Palm Springs, California. cinemadiverse.org

North Louisiana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. (September 18 – 24). Shreveport, Louisiana. www.nlglff.org

TeaDance Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. (September 25 – 26). Greenville, North Carolina. teadancefilmfestival.com

Fargo-Moorhead LGBT Film Festival. (Dates Not Yet Announced). Fargo, North Dakota. fmlgbtff.com

SEE THAT. Out In The Night.

Picture 1

This documentary by Blair Dorosh-Walther, recounts the story of four young African-American lesbians who are violently and sexually threatened by a man on the street. They defend themselves against him and are charged and convicted in the courts and in the media as a ‘Gang of Killer Lesbians’.

“Out In The Night” is screening this month at the Oakland Underground Film Festival. See screening info and trailer below.

Sunday, September 28 at 4:00PM
Humanist Hall
390 27th Street, Oakland
UPDATED: November Screenings.
Stonewall Columbus LGBT Fest. (November 16-22). Columbus, Ohio. lgbtfest.org